Breaking the Victim Mentality


"I am a failure..."

How has this belief interfered with your life or limited you? 

For myself, the belief that "I am a failure" has shifted my feelings to a lower vibration and has financially flatlined me. It has limited my quality of life and frozen my energy from moving upward. It has shifted me into a victim mentality. Believing that I am a failure has literally led to my own failures. Luckily, it doesn't have to stay this way...

Do you know when this belief started for you?

It's important to understand when/how a limiting belief began for you. Every belief we hold within ourselves - good or bad - exists because at some point it was helpful to us. When a belief no longer serves you, it's necessary to release it before it continues to hold you back from being where you want to be. Before you can release it, you have to understand where it comes from.

My dad planted this belief in me; he led me to believe my looks were all I had going for me. I don't know that I ever consciously chose this belief; it was something I accepted at an early age and has stuck with me throughout life.

When I was young, this belief had its advantages - I planned on letting men take care of me. I figured if a man was taking care of me, then I could focus on looking good and I could avoid the stress of having to provide or be the provider for my family. Yeah right...

As you can imagine, this harmful, victim mentality did not get me far in life. I realized that if I could hold a different belief about myself, my shadow victim would no longer exist, which would allow me to completely and positively shift my energy field.

Are you willing to change this belief?

Directing your mind towards empowering, abundant, and prosperous thoughts takes practice. Sometimes, it requires a conscious choice from moment to moment. Don't give up when the limiting belief creeps back. Make a conscious choice to shift each and every time you feel the fear rise again. Eventually, it will become second nature, but for now, CHOOSE to make the change.

Say to yourself:

"I am completely willing to change this belief knowing that my dreams and success would be realized by shifting."

What would be a more beneficial belief?

Find the affirmation or mantra that resonates with your current vibe. Here are a few to choose from, but you can also use your own words:

  • I am a remarkable success!

  • I am the future!

  • I am highly creative!

  • I am a hardworking and highly successful person!

You can meditate on the mantra you choose by repeating it to yourself over and over. You can also journal with this mantra and allow any other thoughts regarding your limiting belief to flood onto the pages. 

Nowadays, I tell myself:

  • I am successful and offer an incredible amount of healing, transformation, and light to my community.

  • I am an asset to my community.

  • I surrender to the true essence of who I am.

  • I am determined to release any ineffective patterns from within my energy field.

  • I am a hardworking, successful person.

As I shift internally, the external shifts.

As my limiting beliefs are realized and released, my reality shifts.

Comment below and share the mantra that helps you shift!