10 Reasons to Join Sacred Space Yoga in Greeley

Incase you aren't convinced yoga is the best way to relax, recharge, and revitalize, here are 10 reasons to join our community at Sacred Space Yoga in Greeley, CO!


1.  The community - we have a diverse, eclectic, intelligent, and welcoming clientele. We welcome all ages and abilities!

2.  We offer affordable memberships to fit your lifestyle and multiple discounted drop-in classes, including the popular "Soothing Yoga for Stressful Times" on Mondays at 5:30PM.

3.  You can arrive late to class without the fear of being locked out or glared at upon entering.

4.  Designer yoga apparel is welcome, but sweats are cool too.

5.  We take our yoga seriously, but not. We laugh at ourselves and with one another, but are passionate about bettering ourselves and our community.

6.  We teach a wide variety of yoga styles like slow moving yin yoga where you hold poses for a few minutes, iron yoga where you use light dumbbells, and hypno yoga where you relax during a guided meditation.

7.  Pet therapy! Experience yoga with adorable cats and dogs. We know you come to class for Precious!

8.  We have multiple instructors who each have their own unique style of teaching.

9.  Workshops and events are hosted multiple times a month, usually on Saturday afternoons, on a variety of topics like EFT Tapping, Astrology, Law of Attraction and more.

10.  This is the only certified 200-hour yoga school in Greeley for aspiring individuals seeking to become a yoga teacher, and we offer private training!

Did we miss anything? Let us know your favorite part of the SSY community in the comments below!