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Spring/Summer Yoga School - 200 hour level training starts Sunday, April 3rd. Training includes: study of asanas, teaching methodologies, the 8 limbs of yoga, an introduction to ayurveda, meditation, energy anatomy and self study as a means for transformation. Click here for details.


Fall 200 hour Teacher Training - Make a change in your life by teaching. During this five month journey, we will study sasana, the 8 limbs of yoga, teaching methodologies, and much more. Fore more information, click here.


Self-Actualization - A 4 month transformation of the way you view virtually everything! We will study conciousness, levels of mind, energy systems, archetypes, dreams, self ypnosis, synchronicity and symbols, as well as meditation, creative visualization and more. For dates and times, click here.


30 Day Challenge! - Kick start Fall right with the 30 Day Challenge this September. Click here for more information.


Children's Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Alliance Children's yoga certification level. Full training level and completion certification. Individualized programs and times. Click here for more information.


Teacher Training (Yoga School) - This program meets the National Educational Standards of Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. Private and group trainings available. Training includes: Study of asanas (postures), teaching methodologies, the 8 limbs of yoga, an introduction to ayurveda, meditation, energy anatomy and self study as a means for transformation. For more information, click here or email

"My experience and training with Sacred Space Yoga was simply amazing! I came away with wa stronger mind and body and continue to move forward with my experiences, practice and teaching in all facets of my life. Krista is a supportive and encouraging teacher who is invested in challenging her students to grow into their practice, mentally, spiritually and physically. The teacher training left me yearning for more knowledge and craving more yoga. I highly recommend this teacher training program for anyone who is looking to teach or expand their own practice."

- Kelly

"Best yoga classes in Greeley! Sacred Space provides such a peaceful atmosphere. This studio has introduced me to a great community of health conscious yoga practitioners from varying professions. It's interesting to meet like-minded people from so many different backgrounds. Krista is great, down to earth and dedicated to herself and her work. These yoga classes are extremely approachable even for a beginner practitioner."



Children's Yoga and Creative Movement Teacher Training - Yoga alliance certified. Three levels allow for everyone to participate. For more information go to: or contact Shirley Smithson at: 970-353-1708 .


Children's Yoga and Integrated Arts - Contact Shirley Smithson at 970-353-1708


Prenatal Classes - Join us on Monday nights from 6:45 to 8:00 for Yoga, Breathing, Relaxation and friendship at Sacred Space Yoga. Click here for details.