Using Meditation to Explore an Unexamined Life


What is an unexamined life?

Living an unexamined life means we are simply going through the motions, not knowing why we are doing what we are doing or why we have done what we have done. It is a reactionary way of living - like living on autopilot.

A person living an unexamined life will say, "I don't know why...

  • I'm depressed,

  • I can't find love,

  • I drink too much,

  • I can't find a career that makes me happy,

  • I never finish what I start,

  • I feel tired all the time,

  • I'm not treated with respect.

Instead of ignoring these important questions, use meditation to find the answers. Meditation encourages mindfulness, and as a result, it will open the channels to the questions you have about yourself or the problems you experience.

How do I meditate?

Any activity that is performed with complete concentration, upon completion of that activity, can be viewed as a form a meditation. And almost anything can be a subject of meditation - love, strength, forgiveness, security, life in general. When I re-arrange and clean my bookshelves, I view it as a form of meditation.

Meditation is simply a mindful activity that helps us slow down and explore the areas of our life we often conceal, cover up, or ignore.

Need guidance?

Check out my guided hypnosis scripts to help you meditate and relax! 

If you're local to Greeley, Colorado, check out Hypno Yoga on Tuesday nights at 6:30PM. The class begins with gentle stretching, then I spend the majority of the time guiding you through a relaxing meditation. This is a perfect way to introduce your mind to mindfulness and meditation!